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Get 15 months of Nightfall Core for the price of 12. This provides DLP for 10+ cloud applications including Jira, Slack, Google Drive, GitHub and more. Savings more than $3750 per annum for a 100 person company.

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How It Works

Nightfall AI operates as an agentless, cloud-native platform that integrates with applications through APIs. It automates the detection and remediation of sensitive data across various environments.


Confidently pass data privacy and compliance mandates. Leverage historical scans to show auditors proactive management of sensitive data.

Reduce the time your security team spends managing ISO, SOC2 mandates. With Nightfall's market-leading detection accuracy, automation, and easy-to-use dashboard, you can take the pain out of ongoing compliance.

Built for a cloud-native world, Nightfall deploys in minutes and integrates with your cloud APIs, extending coverage to all devices across your network. Cover all devices, not just managed devices, and extend coverage to remote workers.

Accurate and actionable detection with out-of-the-box detection of 100+ API keys, and the ability to authenticate active production keys.

Set up automation for security alerts to take the manual work out of remediating security tasks. Manage all of the security tasks in your SIEM or Nightfall dashboard.


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